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Pardot Security Updates

On October 26th, 2016, Pardot is making an update to its security settings that requires the Pardot Permission Set be assigned to any users accessing Pardot data through Salesforce.

Without the Permission Set, users won't have access to the functionality granted by the Pardot AppExchange package. This functionality includes:

  1. Pardot tab in Salesforce
  2. Send to Pardot button
  3. Send Pardot Email button
  4. Pardot Visualforce pages
  5. Engage Reports tab for Salesforce Engage users.

Pardot is making this update to improve security and reduce the number of API calls it makes when users are logged out of Salesforce.

To mitigate any interruption to your workflow, we recommend adding the Pardot Permission set to all users who actively use Pardot and your Pardot/Salesforce Connector user. The steps to add the permission sets are outlined in this Pardot Knowledge article.

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