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Is Your Org Ready for Salesforce Lightning?

Run through Salesforce's Lightning Experience Readiness Check to make sure.

Is your organization thinking about moving to Salesforce’s Lightning experience? If so, there are a couple things to consider before making the switch. Luckily, Salesforce’s ​Lightning Experience Readiness Check walks through your org to help you prepare for the transition.

Before running the Lightning Readiness Check, Reagan Hoan (Lead Business Solutions Consultant at Torq Systems) recommends looking through the Lightning considerations for the most recent Salesforce release.

“The Lightning Experience considerations highlight any 'gotchas' that can make a big difference when switching to Lightning. Review the list to ensure the new user interface (UI) makes sense for your org,” says Reagan.

Once you’ve looked through the Lightning considerations, it's time to run the readiness check. This personalized report evaluates the most common Sales Cloud components (except reports and dashboards) to see how you can better prepare your org for Lightning.

Running the Lightning Experience Readiness Check

From the Setup screen, click Lightning Experience just below the quick search bar. This links to the Lightning Experience Migration Assistant, which gives you all the information you need to make sure Lightning is right for your organization. Select “Evaluate” next to “Check Your Lightning Experience Readiness” to run the report. The report will be emailed to you once Salesforce has scanned your org's setup and configuration.

Reading the Lightning Experience Readiness Check

The completed report can be overwhelming at first glance. That said, the report gives you a good indication of whether or not your Salesforce org is ready for the Lightning experience.

It goes into further detail highlighting the features that are ready for Lightning. In the example below, you can see which parts of this Salesforce org don't need further customization before switching to Lightning.

The last step is figuring out what needs to be modified. The Readiness Report has recommendations following each section that suggests how to better prepare your org and your users for the Lightning experience.

If you’d like to connect with one of our Salesforce experts, please reach out to them here. We’re happy to help you transition to Salesforce’s Lightning experience.

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